Is Drinking Safe In Cancun ?

Many people ask if it is safe to drink in Mexico. The truth is that nothing is 100% safe, however you can take several steps to decrease your risk of getting sick when drinking in Mexico. In addition, the Mexican Government has developed a campaign called “Tratame Bien” which literally translates into “Treat me well.” This campaign works with restaurants and bars to create safer environments for tourists and consumers alike.

What Is The Tratame Bien Campaign ?

Taking these steps will make it easier for you to have fun in Mexico while not worrying about getting sick. Wash Your Hands A simple way to prevent catching a stomach bug is to wash your hands as often as possible. If you are going to a restaurant that serves tapas (small tapas are common in Mexico), make sure to wash your hands before you eat.

How to drink safely in Mexico ?

Don’t drive and drink alcohol. It is illegal to drive in Mexico when drunk. It’s also illegal to ride in a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher. These two rules are why it is very important to travel with a sober driver. Report bar employees if they are drinking and driving. Before you leave, let the bartender or bartender assistant know that you are going to drive and give them your contact information. If you see a bartender drive a customer home or let a patron leave in a cab that you think is not intoxicated, make sure to alert the manager and the bartender. Be aware of your surroundings. To avoid accidents, the Secretary of Tourism, Raúl Maldonado, has even suggested that tourists avoid walking around during the day alone and at night walk in groups.

Is It Important To Stay Hydrated While Drinking In Mexico ?

Drinking water is essential for keeping our body functioning properly. When we get dehydrated, it can lead to headaches, lethargy, vomiting and blurred vision. The recommended amount of water per day is approximately 8 glasses or 8 liters, depending on your gender. Keep in mind that the altitude in Mexico is significantly higher than that of Colorado, which is why one would need more water than one would in the U.S. That being said, most people drink much more than that. For example, a trip to the Pacific coast to Cancun can require anywhere from two to six liters of water per day, depending on your activity. This makes it even more important to drink more than that in Mexico.

Conclusion – Is It Safe To Drink In Cancun ?

While you can’t avoid the risk of getting sick when drinking, you can minimize the risk by going to drinking establishments that have received the Tratame Bien stamp of approval. Additionally, you can drink responsibly and also communicate with your companion if you start feeling nauseous or ill.

Mateo Sibila

Content Writer