Royal Sands Resort & Spa

Royal Sands Resort & SPA is a luxury resort that provides an exceptional experience for all of its guests. Whether you want to take in the area’s beautiful beaches or you are looking to enjoy some pampering, this resort has something for everyone. In addition to offering several amenities and services geared towards adults, it also offers plenty of things to do with kids. If you have children traveling with you, they will find no shortage of fun activities while staying at Royal Sands Resort & SPA. Most resorts offer kid-friendly entertainment options, but there are others that go above and beyond by providing facilities specifically designed with kids in mind.

Introduction to Royal Sands Resort & Spa

Royal Sands Resort & SPA is a family resort that provides its guests with numerous benefits. From incredible dining and luxurious accommodations to relaxing pools and daily activities for the entire family, there are plenty of things to enjoy. You can spend your time relaxing, enjoying the sun, and working on any number of fun projects. If you are looking for a great relaxing resort, Royal Sands Resort & SPA is a great choice. With its relaxing environment, numerous amenities, and friendly staff, this resort has something for everyone. Royal Sands Resort & SPA was named one of the best resorts in North Carolina. Guests who stay at this resort will be very pleased with the overall experience

Pools and waterpark

This is a resort where you can enjoy the swimming pool, whether you have children in tow or not. The swimming pool features a pool for adults and a pool for kids, so no matter how old you are, you can enjoy a swim at the resort. Exclusive spa The spa at Royal Sands Resort & SPA is one of a kind. It is so unique that you can only find it in the resort itself. There is no “brick-and-mortar” spa like this one anywhere else. Even if you don’t have time to book an appointment, it’s still worth checking out. You just never know what treatments you might get, or how much your treatment will cost. Restaurants and dining At Royal Sands Resort & SPA, you will find several restaurants and eateries available to all of its guests.

Kids club

Kids club is a facility that is sure to provide a comfortable atmosphere for kids in your group. This special facility is equipped with toys, pool tables, and more, making it a perfect place for children to gather together. Many resorts also offer a child-friendly sports team, which can get your kids active and active in the area. Babies and toddlers Babies and toddlers can certainly find plenty to do here too. Many resorts offer free babysitting services for these young children. For those without children, the entire staff is always available to cater to your needs. New for 2016: Hotel Jerome – Providence Providence, RI – The Hotel Jerome (averaging four stars from Expedia) is a boutique-style resort with a European-style atmosphere.

The Spa

One of the best parts about a vacation is the opportunity to take some time to relax and rejuvenate. By staying at Royal Sands Resort & SPA, you will have the opportunity to do just that. The Spa at Royal Sands is one of the hotel’s many services that provides a great opportunity for visitors to recharge. The spa staff can help with a spa-based massage or with other types of bodywork, as well. The spa has a number of other massage rooms, or you can try to book a massage online. The staff are friendly and knowledgable, so they can assist in whatever way is necessary. If you are looking for a non-spa option, there is also a Salt Cave Room, which allows guests to cleanse their skin and body by entering a dark, dry and damp space.


One of the most popular restaurants at the resort is Bartolo’s. It is not only a great spot for pizza, but it is also a wonderful place to get brunch. Royal Sands many restaurants are also popular with brunch eaters since they serve breakfast all day. It is possible to enjoy a wide variety of traditional American breakfast foods like pancakes and eggs Benedict, as well as unique cuisines like French toast or omelettes. In addition to Bartolo’s, there is also The Veranda. It serves delicious, locally-inspired cuisine. In total there are 8 amazing restaurants to choose from.


From the moment you step onto the grounds, you are greeted with a gorgeous view. It is not uncommon to see some of the most incredible scenery around. You will be able to see ocean views from almost every inch of the property. The resort also has plenty of activities for adults and children alike. This includes many facilities designed to help you unwind and forget about everything for a while. You will find many activities available to you including horseback riding, sand volleyball, spa services, golf, etc. There are also many other things you can do when you get off the resort grounds. From horseback riding to shopping to enjoying some amazing views

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