Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa

Nestled in a secluded stretch of beach along the Riviera Maya, Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa offers a luxurious and tranquil escape from the bustling tourist hubs of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. With its lush tropical gardens, stunning ocean views, and exceptional amenities, this resort is an idyllic getaway for couples, families, and solo travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, and indulgence.

Location and Surroundings

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is located on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, approximately 30 minutes south of Cancun International Airport. The resort is situated on a pristine beach, surrounded by verdant jungle and mangrove forests, providing guests with a serene and picturesque natural environment. Nearby attractions include the Tulum Archaeological Site, Xcaret Park, and the Xel-Ha natural aquarium, all of which are easily accessible by car or public transportation.

Accessibility and Transportation

The resort is easily accessible by car, with ample parking available for guests who choose to rent a vehicle. Alternatively, the resort offers transportation services for a fee, including airport transfers, private car rentals, and guided tours. Local taxis and public transportation are also available, although they may be less reliable and more expensive than the resort’s services.

Check-in and Check-out Experience

The check-in and check-out process at Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa was seamless and efficient. The staff was welcoming and accommodating, providing us with a refreshing welcome drink upon arrival and a thorough overview of the resort’s facilities and amenities. The check-out process was equally smooth, with the staff ensuring that all charges and fees were accurately reflected in our bill.

Room Quality and Comfort

Our room at Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa was spacious, elegantly furnished, and equipped with all the modern amenities one could desire. The king-size bed was supremely comfortable, with high-quality linens and plush pillows. The bathroom was large and well-appointed, with a separate shower and bathtub, dual sinks, and luxurious toiletries. The room also featured a private balcony with stunning views of the ocean or the lush gardens, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Amenities and Facilities

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa boasts an impressive array of amenities and facilities, including two swimming pools, a full-service spa, a fitness center, and a variety of recreational activities. The pools were immaculate and inviting, with ample lounge chairs and umbrellas for guests to relax and soak up the sun. The spa offered a wide range of treatments, from massages and facials to hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. The fitness center was well-equipped with modern machines and weights, while the recreational activities included snorkeling, kayaking, and bike tours.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

The resort was impeccably clean and well-maintained, with a dedicated staff ensuring that all areas were spotless and in perfect working order. The gardens and grounds were lush and manicured, with an abundance of native flora and fauna. The rooms were serviced twice daily, with fresh linens and towels provided regularly.

Dining Options and Food Quality

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa features three exceptional restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. El Restaurante, the resort’s flagship dining venue, serves contemporary Mexican cuisine in an elegant setting overlooking the ocean. El Sol, located by the pool, offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere with a menu featuring international dishes and local specialties. The beachfront restaurant, Freddy’s, serves fresh seafood and grilled meats in a stunning setting with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. The food quality and presentation were exceptional, with an emphasis on fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

Staff Professionalism and Friendliness

The staff at Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa was consistently professional, friendly, and attentive to our needs. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with warmth and hospitality, with staff going out of their way to ensure that our stay was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The wait staff at the restaurants were knowledgeable and accommodating, offering recommendations and suggestions based on our preferences. The housekeeping staff was discreet and efficient, with the room always being impeccably clean and well-stocked.

Unique Features or Experiences

One of the unique features of Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The resort has implemented numerous initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, including a recycling program, energy-efficient lighting, and the use of organic and locally-sourced materials. The resort also offers guests the opportunity to participate in eco-tours and conservation programs, including sea turtle monitoring and coral reef restoration.

Value for Money

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is undoubtedly a luxury property, with rates that reflect the high level of service, amenities, and accommodations offered. However, for those who value exclusivity, privacy, and exceptional experiences, the resort offers excellent value for money. The resort’s all-inclusive packages provide guests with access to all amenities, dining options, and recreational activities, ensuring a hassle-free and indulgent stay.

Overall Atmosphere and Ambiance

The overall atmosphere and ambiance of Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa are tranquil, sophisticated, and elegant. The resort’s design and decor incorporate traditional Mexican elements, such as colorful tiles, wooden beams, and woven fabrics, while also featuring modern amenities and technology. The resort’s location, nestled between the jungle and the sea, provides a sense of serenity and seclusion, with the sound of the waves and the rustling of the leaves providing a soothing backdrop to the experience.

Environmental and Sustainable Practices

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, with numerous initiatives in place to reduce its impact on the environment. The resort has implemented a recycling program, uses energy-efficient lighting, and sources organic and locally-sourced materials whenever possible. The resort also offers guests the opportunity to participate in eco-tours and conservation programs, such as sea turtle monitoring and coral reef restoration.

Safety and Security Measures

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa takes the safety and security of its guests very seriously, with numerous measures in place to ensure a secure and peaceful stay. The resort has 24-hour security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and a gated entrance, ensuring that only authorized personnel and guests have access to the property. The resort also offers in-room safes, as well as a concierge service that can assist with any security concerns or emergencies.

Comparison to Similar Resorts or Competitors

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and luxurious properties in the Riviera Maya region, with a level of service, amenities, and accommodations that few others can match. The resort’s emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness sets it apart from many of its competitors, as does its secluded and tranquil location. While there are other high-end properties in the area, Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa offers a unique and unforgettable experience that is hard to replicate.

Personal Experiences and Anecdotes

During our stay at Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, we had the pleasure of participating in a sea turtle monitoring program, where we learned about the importance of conservation and protection of these magnificent creatures. We also enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach, with the sound of the waves and the stars overhead providing an unforgettable ambiance. Throughout our stay, we were consistently impressed by the warmth and hospitality of the staff, who went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable.

Suitable Audience

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is suitable for a variety of audiences, including couples seeking a romantic getaway, families looking for a luxurious and relaxing vacation, and solo travelers seeking solitude and indulgence. The resort’s amenities and facilities cater to a wide range of interests and preferences, from spa treatments and beach activities to cultural tours and conservation programs.

Potential Areas for Improvement

While our experience at Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa was exceptional in every way, there are a few areas where the resort could potentially improve. One suggestion would be to expand the variety of dining options, as while the existing restaurants were excellent, there were limited options for those with specific dietary requirements or preferences. Another area for improvement could be to increase the frequency of transportation services to nearby attractions, as while the resort offers transportation services, they can be expensive and not always convenient for those who prefer to explore the area independently.


In conclusion, Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is a luxurious and tranquil retreat that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those seeking exclusivity, indulgence, and relaxation. From its stunning location on the Riviera Maya to its exceptional amenities, dining options, and commitment to sustainability, the resort sets itself apart as one of the premier properties in the region. While it may not be the most affordable option, for those who value exceptional service, accommodations, and experiences, Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is well worth the investment.

Mateo Sibila

Content Writer