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10 Mexico Experts To Follow On Twitter


When researching Mexico I always turn to the experts for advice on places to stay, things to see, and experiences that aren´t in the travel books.

These are bloggers, social media experts and success stories that have inspired me to become a marketer, promoter, and evangelist of Mexico. These Superstars continue to inspire me to this day – and they have kept me motivated to not give up.


Kelly McLaughlin is a Canadian woman who picked up and left it all behind to move to Mexico in 2003. She currently lives in Cancun with her 8 year old son, five cats, one dog and the various lizards and bugs that make this their home ;Writing is her passion, social media marketing pays the bills. She explores the beauty of Mexico and shares it with the world. She recently was a speaker at Tbex Cancun.

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10 Things You Have To Do In Sayulita


Sayulita is a popular beach destination for Americans and Canadians who have made it a great winter home. In fact 2 years ago I called Sayulita home for a few months. Here are some of my favorite activities that you shouldnt miss out on during your next trip to Sayulita.

Rancho Mi Chaparita

Rancho Mi Chaparita offers zip-line & quad bike tours, snorkeling, sport fishing, surf, and tours to the nearby secluded beaches. If you are looking for great activities to do in Sayulita.

Buddha Gallery and Spa

Buddha Gallery and Spa offers luxurious indulgence and exquisite pampering with a wide selection of spa services: from romantic treatments to comprehensive one-day packages combining aromatic body, beauty and skincare treatments.

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Facts About The State of Campeche


Occupying the western third of the Yucatán Peninsula, the State of Campeche spans 56,800 sq.kms and like its neighboring states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo it is almost entirely flat. About 40% of the state is covered with jungle, and Mexico’s largest biosphere reserve, Calakmul spreads along the state’s remote eastern border. With fairly typical Gulf of Mexico beaches, Campeche attracts visitors looking to escape the resort crowds.


The State’s Capital is the coastal colonial town of Campeche. A mere 2-1/2 hour drive to the south of Mérida,

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Over 250 Interesting Facts About Mexico

This has been an idea I’ve had for awhile and I decided to dive in and setup a blog series about Interesting Facts About Mexico broken down by each state. Over the next month we will be exploring Mexico’s 31 States. And I will be sharing with the help of my lovely partner some of the most amazing, interesting, and exciting things to explore and experience here in Mexico.

We will be covering a variety of things including Location, Food, Culture, Festivities, Music & Dance, and Traditional Attire.

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Facts About The State of Veracruz

Welcome To Veracruz


Let us explore the amazing diverse state of Veracruz. The state of Veracruz is located in Eastern Mexico. It borders Tamaulipas to the north, San Luis Potosí as well as Hidalgo to the west. It also borders Puebla to the southwest, as well as Oaxaca and Chiapas to the south, and finally Tabasco to the southeast.

On the eastern part of Veracruz it makes up a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico coastline.

Veracruz is well known for it’s mixed ethnic and indigenous populations. As a result of it’s ethnic diversity it also has a diverse cultural, and gastronomic diversification as well. This is also influenced by it’s long history of foreign inhabitants and tourists to the port city of Veracruz.

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